Computer Buying Decision

Broken Laptop: To Repair or Replace, That is the Question by Larry Alton Computers, smartphones, tablets, wearables–who doesn’t love a good gadget these days? Unfortunately, with such advanced hardware and software comes the risk for viruses and breakdowns. If your laptop is broken, should you repair or replace it? What’s Wrong With the Laptop? First, …

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How to Foil Hackers

How to Protect Your Website from Hackers By Elle Martin Hackers are rampant on the internet and it’s not unusual for people to get have their websites destroyed because of an attack. While these cyber attacks are actually quite common, there are many ways to be able to protect oneself from hackers that roam around …

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Website Security

Making the Case for Better Website Security This Year by Anna Johansson You don’t need a degree in cyber security to see just how serious cyber attacks are for small businesses and ecommerce websites. The volume of attacks continues to rise, and businesses need to take every precaution to stay safe. How You Can Focus …

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Computer Networking

Computer Network Basics By D.A.R.Y.L. This article is to help you understand computer network basics and enable you to troubleshoot network problems by yourself. In this article we will cover the basics of the IP address, subnet mask, router, default gateway and DHCP. IP Address Basics For a computer to communicate with another computer it …

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